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OpenJMX is an initiative to build an Open Source JMX implementation, compatible with the JMX specification version 1.0, and related tools.

JMX stands for Java ManagementTM Extensions which is an optional package for J2SE. You can find more information at the JMX home page

OpenJMX is released under an Apache-style license

The project is currently in beta stage. You can download the nightly CVS tarball or get the code via CVS.
The first beta version is available here.
If you want to collaborate in the development please join the developer's mailing list
If you are an OpenJMX user and want to collaborate, comment or submit bug reports, please join the users's mailing list

We are commited to two main goals:

  • Compatibility with the JMX specifications.
  • High reliability.
For the latter, the code contains unit and functional tests using JUnit. You can take a look at the test page here, which contains the results of running the test suite. The software is built every day and the unit tests are run and reported.


RMI Adaptors completed !   biorn_steedom - 2002-02-12 00:51   -   OpenJMX
OpenJMX RMI Adaptors have been completed !
RMI Adaptors features are:
- JRMP Adaptor, for plain RMI use from Java applications
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OpenJMX 1.0 beta 2 Released!   tibu - 2002-02-05 16:37   -   OpenJMX
OpenJMX, an OpenSource implementation of a JMX agent has relased its version 1.0 beta 2

The new beta version contains several bugfixes over the beta 1 as well as new features like:
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OpenJMX 1.0 beta 1 Released !   biorn_steedom - 2002-01-17 15:26   -   OpenJMX
OpenJMX aims to the development of an OpenSource implementation of a JMX agent following as closely as possible the JMX specification, as well as related JMX tools.

OpenJMX 1.0 beta 1 has been released !
OpenJMX almost in beta release !   biorn_steedom - 2002-01-03 05:16   -   OpenJMX
OpenJMX now covers the whole JMX 1.0 specification !
ModelMBeans, along with Monitor and Relation Services (that were missing), have been completed, thanks to Simone Bordet, Carlos Quiroz and Bronwen Cassidy.
We're finishing rigth now the HTTP adaptor, after that we will post the first beta release of OpenJMX. Stay tuned !
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OpenJMX starts strong   biorn_steedom - 2001-11-15 05:52   -   OpenJMX
OpenJMX accepts the contribution of an almost complete implementation of the JMX specification by Simone Bordet.
A good base to start from, already working for standard and dynamic MBeans, MLet service and Timer service, and with ModelMBeans that will achieve completeness soon.
Keep in touch with us, or better yet join us on the developer's list !
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